Alexis D is a rope bondage artist and BDSM performer based in Athens, Greece. He was the first in Greece who performed shibari, the art of the Japanese bondage, publicly. He has spent many years travelling around the world. He relocated to Athens, Greece in 2007. Since then, he has performed in various events in Greece and in Europe. His performances embody different variations of rope bondage, mainly influenced by Shibari, the traditional Japanese way of tying.

Brief history

He considers that he has been into BDSM from a young age. Many of his techniques have been presented at various shows and performances, while different bondage techniques have attracted his attention from time to time. Recently he experimented with traditional Shibari combined with western-type ties and bizarre sensuality. Many women of various ages have been modeled for him, while he mainly prefers next-door and everyday women.


BDSM practices directly derive from human nature. Many of its practices are well-known to people while numerous couples practice s&m deliberately or no; as many times people during sex games perform s&m actions i.e. butt slapping, spanking, handcuffs, fully unaware that these actions are just the tip of the iceberg called BDSM.

Many also of his beliefs rise from the full equality of genders, sexes and people. People are not born slaves or masters/mistresses, but they can play roles in BDSM in the same way they can play roles in real life. BDSM is just a sexual game and nothing more or less. People with a submissive behavior are not less humans than people with a dominant or a switch behavior. It is more than obvious that people who share BDSM views as dominants have to be extremely tolerant and gain the trust of the submissive partner. Submissiveness is so unique like a very special gift only given to those who worth it.

One important aspect of BDSM is physical restriction. Physical restriction has a huge variety of means to take place. Probably the most well known mean of physical restriction is rope bondage. Rope bondage can be a very delicate art if it is combined with safety and consensual rules between the rigger (the person who ties) and the model. Unfortunately, rope bondage and Shibari have little pure audience, not only in Greece but everywhere. As a physical result, many of his performances and rope bondage shows have been hosted in sex exhibitions and BDSM events. In that way, he performs what he likes to do as a matter of rope bondage art, while staying away from the porn industry and mainstream entertainment currents, constantly declining offers from the internet porn market.

Some of his Performances:

  • Torture Garden V, Athens Greece
  • Torture Garden VI, Athens Greece
  • Fetishball @ Club 4ROOMS, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Fetishball II, Athens Greece
  • Fetishball III, Athens Greece
  • Fetishball IV, Athens Greece
  • Fetishball VI, Athens Greece
  • Fetishball VII, Athens Greece
  • Fetishball IX, Athens Greece
  • Fetishball XI, Athens Greece
  • The 2nd London Festival of the Art of the Japanese Bondage, London UK
  • V Athens International Tattoo Convention, Athens Greece
  • Erotic Festival, Athens Greece
  • Erotic Dream, Athens Greece
  • Erotic Dream, Thessaloniki Greece
  • Athens Erotica I, Athens Greece
  • Athens Erotica II, Athens Greece
  • Athens Erotica III, Athens Greece
  • Sinners in Heaven parties, Athens Greece
  • Clubs: Texas Necropolis, Anatoli, Underworld Genesis, Seven Sins, Club 22, Luv, etc.